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Monday, October 17, 2016

What's in a name?

 A blog by any other name would read as sweet.

Welcome, everyone, to What’s Now? What’s Next? I’ll be sharing news, previews, thoughts, plans, hopes, and all the other maunderings of an associate dean, but I hope you find them keyed to your interests as part of our UGE community.

I was told that the most critical thing about starting a blog was creating the right name. Gary’s Blog was not going to cut it, so I needed to come up with something better. I thought about going all high brow. How does Gaudeamus sound? Let us Rejoice! It comes from a 1287 manuscript in Latin and is the first word in the lyrics to Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture; it tells students to seize the day. Of course, one verse a little later gets a bit risque (I will leave this to your imagination), so perhaps I have not yet found the perfect title.